What Makes Girl Flip the best Roofing Contractor in Los Angeles county?


Woodland Hills Roofing Services


Living in LA, you know our weather dances to its tune. Sunny beach days can turn into surprise rain showers.

And with that ever-changing forecast, a solid roof isn't just good to have—it's essential.

That's where we step in at Girl Flip Construction. We're your neighbors, the folks you bump into at Starbucks or Echo Park.

We've been around the block, building roofs, ensuring homes like yours have roofs that can face any storm.

Got a leak? Or maybe you're considering jazzing up your home with a new roof style? Either way, we're just a call away.

And if you've spotted something off with your roof and aren't sure what to make of it, hit us up. We'll drop by, check it out, and discuss the best next steps.

Look, Los Angeles got plenty of roofing companies. But with Girl Flip Construction, you're not just getting a service but joining our family. Next time the sky throws a curveball or that summer sun gets extra toasty? think of us. We've got you. And your roof! Catch you soon.