Wood Floor Installation in LA


Flooring Solutions with Girl Flip Construction: From Elegance to Endurance


Why You Should Choose Girl Flip Construction for Your Wood Flooring in Los Angeles

Have you ever walked into a home and thought, "Wow, those wood floors are the star of the show!"? If you're nodding and want that same reaction for your place, let me tell you a little secret: Girl Flip Construction.

A Touch of Wood is a Touch of Class

We've all been there, the eternal debate: carpet or wood? But once you've felt the smoothness of wood under your feet and seen how it can totally change your space's vibe, there's no going back. And remember, It's not just about the looks. If you have kids, pets, or, let's face it, are a bit clumsy like me (oops!), wood is so much easier to clean. Spill something? Quick wipe and it's like new. And the best part? Allergens like dust and pollen? They are GONE.

Why Girl Flip Construction?

Here's the scoop. We've been hammering and nailing (literally!) in Los Angeles for years. That's right, we've seen all the floor trends come and go. But here's what we offer:

  • Wood Floor Makeovers (aka Sanding)
  • The Grand Install
  • Bringing Back the Shine (Refinishing)
  • Fixing Oops Moments (Repairs)

  • Our Track Record? Just Ask Your Neighbor

    We're kinda of like the local floor gurus. And that's because we don't just lay down wood; we put in heart, soul, and a touch of LA magic. Our team? More like a family. We laugh, joke, and sometimes break into a little dance when a floor turns out just right. When you pick us, you're not just getting a service but joining the Girl Flip fam.

    Hardwood, Softwood, Your Wood

    Choosing flooring is hard. Laminate, vinyl, hardwood... But even when you decide about wood flooring, choosing the right wood is confusing. There's solid, engineered pine, oak... so many choices! But here's the deal: whether you want your floor to be as tough as The Rock or as elegant as a ballroom dance, we've got you covered. And if you're ever confused, just call us. We love talking about wood.

    So, remember us next time you're sipping your coffee, staring at your floor, and thinking it needs a glow-up. Girl Flip Construction, at your service! And if you're still unsure, just call. We're here, always ready for some good construction chat.

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