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Bathroom Remodeling in Woodland Hills

Bathroom Remodel Contractor near Woodland Hills

A Girl Flip remodeling consultant will work closely with you throughout ALL stages of the design process.



1. Measurement: We thoroughly measure every aspect of your bathroom.

2. Layout: Our team designs each element mapping out the placement of your cabinets, water fixtures, and backsplashes. We consider all your needs, whether converting a tub into a shower or installing showers or walk-in tubs. We offer revisions to ensure that every detail meets your satisfaction.

3. Selections: Our experts help you coordinate all the elements to create a look, ensuring that tiles, tubs, vanities, water fixtures, and more complement each other perfectly. If you're looking for those finishing touches, we also provide doorknobs and other exquisite accessories for your bathroom.

4. Budget: Together, we will establish a budget. Then create a design specifically tailored to it. As both the supplier and contractor, we have in-depth knowledge of the cost of each item involved in the renovation process. This gives you flexibility in making choices while ensuring no expenses. Whether planning a renovation or just sprucing up your bathroom on a scale, we aim to make it look luxurious regardless of your budget.

Visit our showroom, where we have everything for your bathroom renovation project. Whether you're going for a timeless or modern appearance, whether you want space or just a simple update.

Cabinets: In Woodland Hills, We have various options from manufacturers, including popular brands like Ultracraft, Bauformat, and Showplace. Additionally, we work with artisans to offer you cabinet styles, materials, and finishes. Rest assured that all the necessary hardware will be included.

Countertops: Our selection includes stones like granite and other materials such as quartz, stainless steel, wood, glass, concrete, and even specialty surfaces.

Vanities: We stock the latest brands and designs in our Woodland Hills offices.

Tiling: Our collection spans ceramic, porcelain tiles, stone, glass, leather, metal, and wood.

Sinks and Faucets: We offer an array of brands and models to choose from.

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